Hi there! I'm Cameron - also known as Coach Cam. Welcome!

I help married Christian men quit porn for good.

Believe it or not porn is NOT a harmless form of adult entertainment.

It’s a powerful, addictive drug that’s been shown in peer-reviewed research to… triple the chances of divorce [1]; directly damage sexual arousal, performance, and satisfaction [2]; fuel depression, anxiety and loneliness [3]; erode marital satisfaction [4]; and make lasting, negative changes to the brain [5].

I know what porn can do. I was addicted to it for 10 years. 

The crippling guilt and shame, feeling immeasurable distance from God, watching my most important relationships slowly crumble in front of my face, being completely unable to form relationships with women, slowly losing my marriage and everything we hold dear.

It kicked my life to the curb before I knew what hit me.

By then, it was too late. My life and relationships had already slipped out of my hands. I hit rock bottom.

I fought for five long, arduous years before finally getting my feet underneath me.

I lost intimate relationships, friends, time at work, time with my family, memories with friends, and countless other opportunities along the way.

It was a painful

Along the way, I started talking to men about the problems its causing in their lives—divorce, affairs, bad sex, endless guilt and shame. I realized that this is a huge problem, and no one is doing anything to fix it.

I decided to do something about it.

I took my professional coach training and credential, my personal experience, and my knowledge about human behavior, happiness, and started a business helping men quit porn for good.

If you’re reading this, you probably feel a lot of shame and guilt about your struggle with porn.

I'm here to tell you that's normal.

But I'm also here to tell you: DO NOT WAIT until your life is in shambles before doing something about this.

DO NOT let your shame around this issue prevent you from taking action now.

So many men I've met have had to go through painful divorces, lose their jobs, have affairs, before they realize they need to make a change.

Take action. Now.

Working with me is perhaps the best action you could take.


Because I have tried all the other programs - years of therapy, accountability partners, books, ministries, Facebook groups, online programs.

They don't work.

I also know because my clients come to me telling me they don't work.

They treat SYMPTOMS, not the root of the problem.

Instead, I created something that does work.

It's a step-wise, evidence-based process that consistently takes men addicted to porn, and transforms them into men of sexual integrity, grit,

I run the process in exclusive, invitation-only coaching programs that is PROVEN to help men quit porn for good.

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I've been honored to work with some incredible men along the way - Here are a few of their stories!



At first, I was unsure about the coaching process in general, and was skeptical of being completely raw and open with personal and professional growth.

As a result of my time with Cameron, my outlook on life as a whole has become much more introspective and reflective. I'm approaching challenges from a mindful place, knowing that I have the tools to succeed. The  coaching tools have also allowed me to embrace my strengths and also recognize the shadow sides as opportunities for growth. Maintaining an essential balance across the areas of my life, coaching has help me bring drive and purpose to my vision in a meaningful and focused manner.

I thoroughly appreciated the flexibility and vast amount of knowledge and resources Coach Cam provided. The perspectives and accountability were instrumental in challenging me to face many fears and take on tasks head on! Working with Coach Cam is an incredibly energizing and motivating experience!

Thanks so much!! Your honest and genuine approach to life and coaching is incredible! Cheers!

-Tom C., Founder at Marrow Market


The momentum and clarity I've received, after just 2-3 sessions, has been tremendous. Cameron truly listens and he asks the most relevant questions, in support of my goals. With his coaching, I've advanced in some key areas of my life – consistency (keeping commitments), resilience (quicker recovery from a "fall"), and overcoming my obstacles (like timidity). I recommend Coach Cameron to everyone seeking direction, understanding, and thought-exploration.

-Kasey P., Team Member at National Research Corporation


Before we started working together, the age gap between Cameron and I was my biggest hesitation - it was a bit of a leap of faith.

I love Cameron’s open style, laid back approach to the sessions, and the process that was used - these all added up to my ability to get inside my own thoughts and begin to sort out the vision. There was always an element of trust that made the experience more powerful.

He has a God-given talent to help people work through their priorities, to clarify their values and vision and to keep the process moving forward. I am confident that my time with Cam will improve and strengthen my ability to be of value in both my professional and personal life. There is a lot of noise in the world, the speed of change and the volatility that characterizes so much of our lives can absolutely create a barrier to performance and to living on purpose with intent. Cam helped me drive thorugh that barrier to pursue my goals with more focus and insight.

Thank you - not only from a personal perspective but for the great work you have done to help colleagues become their very best!

-Tom F. - Educator, Entrepreneur, Writer

It's impossible to sum up my experience with Coach Cam in a few short words. He's provided me with tools. He's led me on productive journeys of self-inquiry. He's forced me to define specific actions to take, and then held me accountable by following up. He's supported me when I've fallen short. Most of all, though, he's prepared me to handle myself when life throws me a curveball...helping me develop muscle memory so the optimal response is simply a reflex as opposed to something requiring thought or concerted effort. Those synthesis moments, when everything magically comes together, are awesome!

-Darren M, Founder at Nonprofit Wizards


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