I've been fortunate to work with some remarkable people and organizations. Here are a few!



Before we started working together, the age gap between Cameron and I was my biggest hesitation - it was a bit of a leap of faith.

But as a result of coaching, my approach to projects, clients, colleagues, family, work is much more intentional and I am operating from a place of leveraging my strengths and talents without letting them become anchors and irritants.

I love Cameron’s open style, laid back approach to the sessions, and the process that was used - these all added up to my ability to get inside my own thoughts and begin to sort out the vision. There was always an element of trust that made the experience more powerful.

He has a God-given talent to help people work through their priorities, to clarify their values and vision and to keep the process moving forward. I am confident that my time with Cam will improve and strengthen my ability to be of value in both my professional and personal life. There is a lot of noise in the world, the speed of change and the volatility that characterizes so much of our lives can absolutely create a barrier to performance and to living on purpose with intent. Cam helped me drive thorugh that barrier to pursue my goals with more focus and insight. Every mid-career professional should undertake the process with Cam to reignite and revitalize.

Thank you - not only from a personal perspective but for the great work you have done to help colleagues become their very best!

-Tom Field, Educator, Entrepreneur, Writer, Director of the Engler Entrepreneurship Program at the University of Nebraska Lincoln

I have always been a person who responds well to benchmarks. I love the challenge of troubleshooting solutions, setting timelines, and the feeling of accomplishment once a goal has been met. Cameron has been the engine behind my strides this year.

When we started started working together, I had lots of de-energizing clients, was putting in too many hours behind the chair, and wasn't charging my full prices. On top of this, I'd always had a dream of starting my own color line, but didn't have the energy to start. I now have a roster full of only clients I love, and I'm testing the first version of the colors for my color line. I cannot begin explain how transformative working with Cameron has been. What I have accomplished in a year makes my heart warm. I've chiseled away at what I felt used to be a dream. 

Cameron has a unique energy that is truly a breath of fresh air. His very calm disposition, and passion shows through his work. I am grateful for him because he has helped unlock that proverbial door I never knew existed. Thank you for helping me see the endless possibilities that are ahead, helping me dream with courage, and have the confidence to follow through!

-Alisha Fox, Founder and Owner at Asha Salon

At first, I was unsure about the coaching process in general, and was skeptical of being completely raw and open with personal and professional growth.

As a result of my time with Cameron, my outlook on life as a whole has become much more introspective and reflective. I have been able to grow and maintain a focus on the things that are the most impactful, while also not feeling pressure or stress from anything outside. I'm approaching challenges from a mindful place, knowing that I have the tools to succeed. Identifying the successes and challenges of business objectively has made the ebb and flow much less daunting. The  coaching tools have also allowed me to embrace my strengths and also recognize the shadow sides as opportunities for growth. Maintaining an essential balance across the areas of my life, coaching has help me bring drive and purpose to my vision in a meaningful and focused manner.

I thoroughly appreciated the flexibility and vast amount of knowledge and resources Coach Cam provided. The perspectives and accountability were instrumental in challenging me to face many fears and take on tasks head on! Working with Coach Cam is an incredibly energizing and motivating experience! As an activator and entrepreneur, Cam keeps things focused and driven with an incredible system of support and accountability!

Thanks so much!! Your honest and genuine approach to life and coaching is incredible! Cheers!

-Tom Clutter, Founder at Marrow Market


Since working with Cameron, I'm more focused on the results I am seeking. I'm taking action that I was once procrastinating, sometimes for no good reason, sometimes because I needed clarity before I could pull the trigger. I was needing to work out some jumbled thoughts in my head before I could act, and now I'm more focused than ever before in my business.

I like Cameron's gentle but firm approach to the coaching style, always bringing me back to my purpose of doing the coaching in the first place - to grow my business. I also appreciate his tools which help me break down my desired results into smaller steps to help me move forward. Even more I appreciate the accountability and I look forward to being to tell Cam that I completed what I had set out to do!

Would I recommend Coach Cam? Yes, because  I think his style of coaching can help anyone who seeking better results. Cam is a GREAT person, and I'm glad to know him!

- Alli Van Roekel, Business Owner at Alli Van Roekel Coaching

At first, I was hesitant about coaching – I didn’t know how it would help. But after working with him, I learned that Cam has the unique ability to dig deep and help people identify internal obstacles and deploy strategies to overcome and progress. I love Cam’s style of coaching. Process is important, but only some coaches are able to connect at the deep level he’s capable of. If someone’s the right fit, and they’re ready to take action in service of their growth, he’s absolutely the right fit. Thanks so much Cam! You’re awesome!

- Eric Sullivan, Financial Advisor at Keating and Associates



Before working with Coach Cam, I had never worked with a coach before, so I wasn't sure if the experience would be valuable/helpful. However, I knew I was in a place where I needed one. But felt that after meeting Cam, there was a good fit with his skills and my needs.

Since working with Cam I've been able to achieve a significantly higher output and productivity level. Specific and measurable results have been achieved. It's been enjoyable to work with someone who has such supportive but honest accountability. I also appreciated the suggestions that helped me best utilize my time and improve my contributions to the business.

I would absolutely recommend Cameron. He added substantial value to my journey, and I am very grateful for the experience. I am confident I would not have achieved the results I achieved within the business if it had not been for him.

Coaching was a worthy and value-added investment of my time and money. I highly recommended Cam if you are considering a coach for your business needs or to help you achieve your personal life goals!

- Becca Lingley, CEO of Denovo


Before working with Coach Cam, I had a couple big hesitations. First, the term life-coach was pretty off-putting. Like what is a life coach? It sounds fluffy—something for people with a drug problem or college students who don't know what to do with their life. I also didn't see a lot of credibility when I first heard about you. It wasn't until we saw results after you worked with Engler students that I became interested in coaching.

Throughout my work with Cam, I clearly thought through what I was doing, how much I was doing, and why I was doing it. I have set up a successful productivity system through experimentation and feel that I am operating at a higher level in my professional and personal life.

What I liked the most about working with Cam was the questioning process he used. He has a unique and valuable skill of helping people think differently about challenges—by posing challenging, impactful, and purposeful questions. I thought about myself and my challenges in a new way because of the questions you asked me. It wasn't the advice he gave, it was the he questions asked.

If you have a specific area in your professional career that you want to improve, Coach Cam is a great asset you can add to help you perform at a higher level! It was worth my investment.

-Brennan Costello, Chief Business Relations Officer at The Engler Program


While working with Cameron, his belief in my vision for my business is one thing that sets him apart. He was patient to listen to all of my ideas and frustrations of starting up a business, and then helped guide me to measurable goals to achieve success. His knowledge of the entrepreneur world brought me so many new perspectives and took me to successful levels within my business. I am beyond grateful for his insights and support into launching my vision for KNOCK ON.


- Stefanie Alther, Founder of KNOCK ON

Cam is an incredible coach. I’ve got plenty of support on the business side of my business, but he helps me with the brain side of things. How? He serves as my sounding board, as my trusted advisor, as someone who will observe my performance and give me the unvarnished truth. Here’s a sample of what I’ve received from our work: Helping me get from 80% happy with my business to 95%+ happy with my business, greater confidence and poise going into a crucial quarterly meeting, and helping me curb self-sabotage. Whether on the business or personal performance, his process works and it will work for you!

- John Fulwider, Professional EOS Implementer and founder of Gear80

In January 2017, I taught a Coaching Skills for Managers workshop at Hudl.

In January 2017, I taught a Coaching Skills for Managers workshop at Hudl.

As entrepreneurs, we are often expected to have all of the answers. The truth of the matter is that we sometimes get so stuck in the day-to-day grind that we often lose sight of the bigger picture. In both my personal and professional life, Cameron has been been both an amazing coach, as well as an amazing friend. In hindsight, I wish our paths had crossed sooner.

-Brett Byman, Co-Founder at Retail Aware; former President at Nobl

It's impossible to sum up my experience with Coach Cam in a few short words. He's provided me with tools. He's led me on productive journeys of self-inquiry. He's forced me to define specific actions to take, and then held me accountable by following up. He's supported me when I've fallen short. Most of all, though, he's prepared me to handle myself when life throws me a curveball...helping me develop muscle memory so the optimal response is simply a reflex as opposed to something requiring thought or concerted effort. Those synthesis moments, when everything magically comes together, are awesome!

-Darren Macfee, Founder at Nonprofit Wizards

Cameron took a most personal approach to helping me find my next professional adventure.  His ability to listen to my ramblings and help me turn them into a workable plan was integral to me moving forward.  His “No BS” policy kept me in line and helped me get past some real mental obstacles.  I can’t thank him enough for being there for me and would recommend that anyone needing help getting out of your own head contact Cameron immediately.

- Jason Nabb, Owner at Harbor Coffee House

Most people don't know they need help or are afraid to ask for guidance. When Cameron and I sat down for first the time he asked: "What do you dream of achieving?" I replied, "I don't know!" Through his coaching we were able to identify areas in both my personal and professional life to improve. For that I am forever grateful I sat down with him that afternoon.


-Yaw Odame, Founder at Seamster and LNK Press


I only have positive things to say about Cameron and his coaching. Every week I look forward to meeting with him, and every week I leave with a clearer idea of what direction I want my life to take. Cameron is intelligent, thought-provoking, engaging, and a good listener. I've been meeting with Cameron for a while now, and I can see the benefits in my life. My goals are more easily outlined and accomplished and I am learning to think more critically with Cameron's coaching. Anyone working with Cameron would be able to see the benefits of his coaching in their daily lives.

-Lucy Baker, Intern at Optimus

This is no infomercial. There will be no bullying anyone into purchasing an 816-piece East Asian kitchen knife set or arm twisting into buying a recliner chair that not only has room enough for you and your favorite snacks but (ALSO!) ends road rage and facilitates world peace. No, Cameron requires no selling. No slick packaging. No C-suite marketing. He's simply the real deal - refreshingly human. 

Is it an American thing or a human thing (or maybe just a me thing) that convinces us we don't need the help of others even though an outsider's safe, compassionate and understanding guidance is exactly what we need to learn how to live again? Breathe again? Have peace and be at rest again? Working with Cameron has been one of the great surprises of my life. To be led by someone who freely acknowledges his own struggles while offering hand and heart to liberate you from the prison of your own is.... well, it's like daybreak. Or thundering waves of grace colliding against the stones of unbelief. 

Cameron is the person I knew I needed in my life but I didn't realize the depth of my need for him until we met. Because of our work together, the midnight that owned my life is over. Dawn has rushed, is rushing and continues to rush, forward proclaiming that freedom has found me and I can humbly, gratefully and joyfully begin my life again. Don't let anything keep you from being free :)

-Jonnique Christine, Actress


The momentum and clarity I've received, after just 2-3 sessions, has been tremendous. Cameron truly listens and he asks the most relevant questions, in support of my goals. With his coaching, I've advanced in some key areas of my life – consistency (keeping commitments), resilience (quicker recovery from a "fall"), and overcoming my obstacles (like timidity). I recommend Coach Cameron to everyone seeking direction, understanding, and thought-exploration.

-Kasey Pepper, Team Member at National Research Corporation


I approached Coach Cameron Popp because I needed direction and motivation moving forward with my career.  Cameron helped me by supplying the correct tools, support, space and positive energy to help me accomplish my goals. 

What I liked about Cameron's coaching style was his empathy, thoughtfulness, wisdom and insight.  I found our sessions together rewarding and stimulating. 

I would recommend Cameron to everyone who is looking to move forward in life, make positive changes and decisions and cultivate a more productive life. 

-Sherri Lukac,  President of Junior League Guadalajara, Yoga Teacher and Life Coach

Cameron has been an insightful and productive coach to work with. He is an excellent listener with a strong ability to guide constructive conversations. At the end of each session, I always have concrete takeaways for the week ahead, and I feel supported to achieve my goals. I would recommend Cameron to anyone seeking to make a positive change in their lives.

-Andrew Reddin, Career and Wellness Coach, Toronto ON