Hi there! I’m Cameron. I help purpose-driven entrepreneurs get out of their own way and hit peak performance.

My clients hire me for one reason. They’re not seeing the results they know are possible. When we start working together, I hear the following...

"I’m not making the income or living the lifestyle I want."
"I’m overwhelmed and overworked, spinning my wheels, and not gaining traction."
"The emotional rollercoaster is just too much – I’m constantly wanting to quit."
"I feel like I’m making a millimeter of progress in a million different directions."

But their frustration all points to the same core issue:

“I have this purpose, cause, or project that is deeply meaningful to me, but I'm simply not making the impact I know I can."

Thankfully this is completely normal. Why? There are a few key challenges that solo entrepreneurs and small business owners encounter.

  1. All great businesses hinge on the partnership of a visionary and an implementer. Walt Disney had his older brother Roy. Steve Jobs had Woz. Herb Kelleher, the founder of Southwest, had Rollin King. If you're a solopreneur or small business owner, chances are you're missing half of the equation.
  2. Your business’s success is intimately connected, even dependent on your self-awareness, self-management, and wellbeing. You are your business. When you’re not doing well, your business suffers. When you’re self-aware, happy, and energized, you go further faster.
  3. The whirlwind of activities that keep your life and business running prevent you from focusing on what really matters. Greg McKeown calls it the paradox of success: When the more successful you become, the more demands are placed on your time. This can lead you to become unfocused, which will undermine any future progress.
  4. All great projects, businesses included, experience a dip where things get tough. Really tough. Getting through the dip alone is possible, but this is your life. Wouldn't you rather enjoy the entrepreneurial journey than struggle through it?

My work revolves around addressing these key challenges.

And how do I do that?

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 That's Brooklyn - Isn't she adorable? She's my rock, running buddy, and Zen Master.

That's Brooklyn - Isn't she adorable? She's my rock, running buddy, and Zen Master.

My Story

Since before I can remember, I've been deeply fascinated by how the world works. Growing up my passionate curiosity and love of learning was, well, pretty annoying.

Mom, how do cars work?
How do engines work?
Where does gasoline come from?

For years I learned about everything I could—weather, chemistry, physics and engineering. All was well. Until I got stuck trying to understand people. 

Why do people do what they do?
How can some people be so happy?

At first I was just annoyed, but that frustration slowly grew. It wasn't until college that I could finally express my frustration:

How are some people able to create lives of meaning, purpose and fulfillment while so many others struggle on a continuum from going in and out of rehab to waking up with a sense of silent desperation?

In my early teens, this question was simply theoretical. But in high school and college, it became all too personal. For four years I journeyed on the continuum, through depression, addiction, and spiritual despair. One day, I'd had enough. I was tired of suffering, of struggling, of numbing the pain with drugs and alcohol, pretending it was all okay.

I stumbled upon a book called The Happiness Hypothesis that introduced me to an idea:

In studying the lives of happy, fulfilled people, patterns emerge. And those patterns point to a hidden structure that, once understood, can be leveraged to create a remarkable life.

This insight has become the backbone of my business and the inspiration for the book I'm writing.

From that point on, my life became an experiment to create the kind of life I dreamed of having.

Becoming a coach was a byproduct of that experiment. I learned that fulfilled people see their work as a calling. Their work as an end in itself, rather than a means to an end. After graduating college, I took a gamble to become a professional certified coach because my gut told me it could be a calling. I'm glad I took the leap. I fell in love.

Not only do I love what I do, but I really believe in the purpose behind what I do.

What is that purpose?

Your life is the most precious gift you've been given. You have no choice but to make it utterly remarkable.

I refuse to believe that we are destined to sleepwalk through life, living life by default. I refuse to believe that just because life is challenging, it must lead to despair. I refuse to believe that we have no choice but to waste the gift of our lives. Rather, I believe that, with a little education and support, we can all create the lives we dream of having. (Yes, that means you too!) I believe that with the proper knowledge, help, and effort it is possible. Do you?

I am honored to call myself a coach, and to coach the people I do. I want nothing other than to see success in every human being I meet, including you.

 The Coach Cam Manifesto. Thanks to the folks at  Holstee  for the inspiration.

The Coach Cam Manifesto. Thanks to the folks at Holstee for the inspiration.