Personal coaching sounds a little hokey—what is it?

The origin of the word coach comes from Hungarian "kochi szeckér" which translates to "wagon from Kocs," a town in northwest Hungary. The first coaches were wagons! Throughout the generations, the meaning stuck: we coaches help you get from one place to another. We are agents of change, catalysts for transformation. I've developed a proven process that I use to catalyze and foster that change, which you can read more about here.

Anyone can call her or himself a coach, how do I know you’re legit?

Simply put, I’m certified and credentialed, and here's the proof! I'm a graduate of International Coach Academy, an accredited coach training school, and an Associate Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation. The best proof, however, is in the results my clients have received.

You’re so young! Don’t you need life experience before you can become a coach?

Good question! The short answer is no. Coaching is a skill set you can learn it at any age. My age has never been a barrier to fostering growth and transformation in my clients.  Besides, I'm older than I seem--I've also been told countless times by friends, colleagues, and mentors that I'm an old soul!

What's the investment for coaching with you?

Do you decide to buy a car before you've test-driven it? Unless you're exceptionally bold, probably not! I choose not to list my rates because it's best to have the conversation around investment after we've determined whether we're a fit. If you're interested in working with me, I am glad to provide that in a powerful initial coaching conversation. Want to schedule one? Click here to message me and we'll get you signed up!

I'm a business owner - does coaching count as a business expense?

In many cases, yes, the investment you make in coaching can be written off as a business expense. But it wouldn't hurt to check with your accountant first!

I don't have a business. I'm not a young person. Can you work with me?

My coaching process is designed to help those with a business go further faster, however, the process works marvelously well with those who are simply up to big things.

And while I specialize in helping purpose-driven young entrepreneurs and high-achievers, I am open to coaching others on a variety of topics.

The only key ingredient is that we're a good match. How can you know that? Go here, and read about working with me!

What’s the difference between therapy and coaching?

Therapists and coaches share many qualities, like empathy and a passion for people, but they have different approaches. Therapy typically focuses on uncovering, understanding and healing what’s broken, and is usually oriented in the past. Coaching focuses on moving forward towards a future goal through awareness and action. Instead of striving to become functional, the goal of coaching is to flourish. I deeply respect therapy after six years in it, but found it easy get stuck dwelling on my problems instead of moving forward and actually living my life.

Can I work with you if I don’t live in Nebraska?

Absolutely. I have worked with clients from all over the world via Skype or over the phone. How you would like to meet is completely up to you. If you live outside of the Lincoln area in Nebraska, I prefer to meet remotely to control travel time. My clients have found coaching to be equally powerful however we meet.


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