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Scheduling or Rescheduling

  • Want to schedule or reschedule an in-person coaching session? Click here!
  • Want to schedule or reschedule a remote coaching session? Head over here.
  • Want to schedule a 15-30 minute mid-session check-in call? Click here!


Business Optimizer Tool Library

You can download the full set of Traction tools from EOS by heading over here! Or, look below for individual tools.

Vision-Traction Organizer (VTO)


People Analyzer

  • Find a pdf copy of the People Analyzer right here!

Accountability Chart


Personal Performance Tool Library

Personal Vision-Traction Organizer (VTO)


Ideal Week Guide

Fear-Blaster Exercise (Pre-Mortem)

  • Here's a guide through the timeless stoic practice called the pre-mortem.

Clifton StrengthsFinder

  1. Ready to take the StrengthsFinder assessment? Follow these instructions.
  2. Take the Assessment
    • Visit https://www.gallupstrengthscenter.com/Register/en-US/Index
    • Copy and paste the access code AK76GW86QZ76NP69 into the available field, and then click Continue.
    • Follow the onscreen instructions to create a Gallup Strengths Center account.
    • Once registered, you will be able to take the Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment. Please give yourself 45 minutes of uninterrupted time to complete it.
  3. Review Your Results
    • Once you've received your results head over here, locate, and print your top 5 strengths.
    • Read the descriptions and note your first reaction to each strength
    • Bring the sheets to our next few coaching sessions!
  4. Log Your Learning (after strengths coaching begins)


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