Desert Lessons

As we whipped passed prickly pear and saguaro cacti in our rental van this afternoon I couldn’t help but marvel. Even in the dry, desolate barrenness of the Arizonan desert, the landscape bleeds with life. The growth here is certainly slower than the summer corn sprint I’m familiar with, but given time, life here thrives.

Nature doesn't hurry, and yet everything is accomplished. - Lao Tzu
 by Neal Herbert

by Neal Herbert

It rekindled hope for my personal deserts: Places where hope for growth seems impossible, like a smoldering relationship or blank career canvas. My own attachment to immediate gratification blinded me to the slow but beautiful process of growth in hopeless places. Just like the Joshua and mesquite trees, we come into this world suited to survive wherever we wish to settle. But the trees don’t have sensitive, doubtful minds that keep them from accessing their gifts.

What are your deserts? Where do you wish to thrive? Along the way, be always mindful of nature’s effortless harmony.