'I don't play that game.'

...A great bit of advice my roommate uncovered this summer studying in China. His group was atomized (split up) for a time, giving the others to talk about those not present. Most had shared their opinions until the floor was handed to a polite student who said simply, "I don't play that game." The simplicity and breadth of this piece of advice nearly tore me in two upon hearing it.  In so many ways, I have realized how I allow myself to ignore the 'important agenda' of everything/everyone I choose by following this advice.

Another example. My younger sister has been having trouble with bullies lately; my only piece of advice to her was this insight.  "The people bullying you know competition very well.  When you're a bully, your moods depend not on gratefulness for what you have, but through belittlement of what others have.  You're playing their game by even allowing them to make you feel inferior. Don't play their game! Allow them to keep searching for meaning where it can't be found. It's that simple."

Games I choose not to play: Competition, spectator sports, admiration of celebrities, the idea that there's 'smart people' and 'dumb people', believing your taste in music is superior because it (may be) unique, believing your personal opinion until it become a fact, the simplicity of the 'truth' v 'fact' argument, the idea that rational thought is an end-all to our issues.

Are you worn out from playing too many peoples' games?  Most people are.  Stop spreading yourself out.