Grasping Happiness

Kid Cudi's Pursuit of Happiness came on while I was running yesterday... I was mesmerized at the words 'pursuit of happiness' for a few seconds. I have read a fair bit on the subject recently and was delighted with my insight shortly thereafter. The most concise explanation can be found in a Psychology Today article titled Keys to Character. To quote, "Neuroscience has something to say about the matter--primarily that happiness isn't something you can pursue directly. It's a byproduct of other things, most notably working towards meaningful goals." This falls directly in line with both my own experience and a quote by Maxwell Maltz in Psychocybernetics, "Life is worthwhile as long as you have worthwhile goals." Waking up everyday trying to pursue happiness head-on is like a marlin pursuing his dream of one day catching a wildebeest. You can be happy as long as you are in the act of pursuing your own meaningful, idiosyncratic goals. So in a sense, as long as Cudi continues his pursuit, he will be happy, so will you. :)