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Every gardener knows that when you transfer a plant into new soil, the move leads to transplant shock as the plant reacts to the move. This fall, when the next generation of high school graduates makes their way to college, they too will be transplanted. And just like the begonias my mom plants every spring, they will need... click here to read the full story!

Life coach rookie? He's wise beyond his 23 years by Michael Kelly - Omaha World Herald

Cameron J. Popp hands you his business card, and the tagline under his name stands out: “Your guide to a remarkable life.”

We all strive for productive and fulfilling lives, and we all can use guidance along the way. Mr. Popp, it turns out, is a modern guide — a certified life coach...  read more.

Coach Cam's Coaching Portfolio - International Coach Academy

How does gratitude improve your wellbeing? How can adversity helps you grow? How does coaching halt the cycles of suffering we sometimes get caught in? Click here to read the power tool, research paper, and coaching model I developed while in coach training school.