The Art of Living: How to Get Unlost, Unstuck, and Create a Remarkable Life

Young people spend the first two decades of their lives learning everything from the ABC’s to Algebra, but graduate knowing little about how to handle the most precious gift they’ve been given: their lives. The prescribed formula for success—get a degree, land a job, start a family—doesn’t guarantee fulfillment. Unprecedented numbers are still living at home, underemployed, and lost. “Figure it out,” their parents say, “that’s what we had to do.” Is this the only way? I refuse to believe the hard way is the only way. I refuse to believe we’re destined to struggle in ignorance.

The Art of Life will close the knowledge gap between you and the fulfillment that was promised to you at birth. It is designed to help you make sense of why you’re struggling and teach you how to navigate your life. It’s a book for someone who, like me, believes that life has the potential to absolutely wonderful but has struggled to realize that wonderfulness.

I’ve struggled with depression, addiction and spiritual despair. Along the way I’ve become fascinated with how some people create lives of meaning, purpose and zest while so many others live somewhere between rehab and quiet desperation. As a professional coach, I draw on this experience and my coaching skills to help young people truly come alive.

The Art of Living revolves around a simple idea: life is like a work of art. It’s a creative endeavor like sculpting, painting, or music. By understanding this creative endeavor, how it behaves, and how to navigate the creative process, you will emerge more confident, resilient, and equipped to create a beautiful work of life.

I promise you that by reading this book, you will be able to answer questions like, “What should I do with my life? What does it take to feel fully alive? Am I struggling because I need to change course, or because I’m going down a worthwhile path?” You will become a masterful artist of life.

Imagine you had to take a driver’s education test but couldn’t practice beforehand – wouldn’t that be terrifying and ridiculous? Your life isn’t much different. You only get one chance—no practice, no do-overs. Wouldn’t you want to know everything you could get your hands on to make it the best possible experience?

Don’t wait to get the guidance you need to make life truly remarkable. Don’t drift through life, expecting someone else to make it remarkable. Don’t leave it to pure chance to make your live all it can be. Step into your real creative power and begin to create a remarkable life.

The Art of Living launches Spring 2017! 

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